Upon completing the short questionnaire, a licensed advisor will review your demographics and set up a telephonic conference to answer all your questions. In the end, the goal is to seamlessly find the perfect health insurance solution for your individual needs.

Compare Coverage and Benefits Options
Many different types of health plans are available in today’s market. Each offers varying costs and benefits so you can find one that is a perfect fit for your unique health and medical needs while protecting your finances.

The following are Out of Pockets costs:
• Deductible – Annual cap on out-of-pocket consumer expense
• Co-pay – Fixed cost per hospital and/or doctor visit at the consumer’s expense.
• Coinsurance – A percentage rate to pay for service shared between the company and the insured for billed health/medical costs.
• Premium – Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually cost for enrollment with health insurance plan.
Get Offers from Top Providers
Comparing plans from all the competitors offered in your area will allow you to clearly reflect on the health insurance options. State licensed advisors on PersonalHealthQuote.com will be able to speak with your at your earliest convenience to discuss options from all the top carriers in the nation including:
BlueCross BlueShield companies
• Aetna
• Humana
• Molina
• Blue Cross Blue Shield
• United Health Care
• Multiplan/PHCS
Our goal in service is to allow for a side-by-side comparison of your preferred options. Helping you acquire affordable health and medical coverage is our responsibility, your responsibility is to point us in the right direction.
Finding Individual/Family Health Insurance
While shopping for yourself or for your family, health insurance will seem like a different language. The arena for health insurance is flooded with hundreds of different plans available. Each plan/policy has different benefits and coverage. That’s why PersonalHealthQuotes.com is here to help educate the community on all their government-approved options. With knowledge of health insurance and the right advisor on your team to help you shop for the plan that fits you and your family the best will make for the most satisfying experience.

First, we will begin the shopping through quotes that are tailored to your specifics. The points we will look at in depth include seeing your entire range of options, approximate cost, and benefit level. Once you choose your plan, you and your health coverage advisor will apply over the phone by completing an application.

Please keep in mind, each policy will vary based on health or income with respect to coverage details like surgeries, prescription drug benefits, and specific procedures covered. If you have a family history of or forecast a specific type of care please make your advisor aware. It is important to align your policy with your medical history and future.

By providing your contact information you are agreeing to be contacted by a state licensed advisor by mail, phone, text or email to discuss Health Insurance Plans, Dental Insurance Plans, Association Plans, Prescription drug Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, Property & Casualty Insurance and any other products or services we may offer even if you are on the National Do Not Call Registry. You also agree that we may contact you via a pre-recorded message to verify your interest. Neither Personal Health Quotes nor its advisors are connected with either the Federal Medicare Program or Healthcare.gov.