At Personal Health Quote, Our mission is to educate you on the workings of health insurance and help you find the best coverage that would be suited for your needs and budget. Insurance is not “One size fits all,” and we strive to make sure that we find you coverage that will not over or undercover your needs. We will explain and provide the tools that you will need to avoid financial vulnerability. In order to gather the information needed to help deliver our services, we may ask you to provide personal information. All information that is exchanged will be secure and we will only disclose it as allowed by the law and this Privacy Policy.


Information that could identify you, such as your name, birth date, contact information, and health and financial information is your Personally Identifiable Information. Some information standing alone, such as your zip code are not Personally Identifiable Information, but when they are combined with other information, they can become so. A few examples would be your last name, date of birth and your zip code. In order to utilize our services in the best manner, it is essential that the information that you submit is accurate. We may use your personally identifiable information to simply provide our best customer service, to request feedback and to refer products. If our services are no longer needed, you can simply respond to the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email that has been sent. In the event you decide to apply for any health coverage through our services, your application will consist of your personal identifiable information. Rest assured, we use high level of security and safe-guards to ensure the safety of your information. Personal Health Quote is equally committed to protecting your information.

Other Information

Anonymous Information is information that does not identify you. It can include data you give us, like your zip code, age or gender (when not combined with more detailed information).There are ways to capture information in order to best help our clients. We will collect data such as your IP address, how you found us, what products you searched for and also the amount of time that you spent with us. We will use this information to understand our clients and improve our user interface and customer service. Cookies are used to improve the clients online experience. A cookie makes it more convenient for you to use our site—for example you may not have to reenter information every time you visit. You can disable cookies at any time, just go through the instructions on your web browser and you can discontinue the use of the cookies. We also use third-party technology, such as Google Analytics, to collect Anonymous Information. This will allow us to target and deliver advertising. We do not manage these technologies, nor do we have any word in their privacy policies. We do not control these technologies, nor do we have a say in their privacy policies.


Personal Health Quote will only share your Personally Identifiable Information:

If an online application is submitted, the information will be submitted to a licensed agent. If a third party company is hired to perform our services on our behalf. For example, marketing companies may be hired to manage our email marketing. We will not allow these companies to share your personally identifiable information for any sort of marketing without your consent. If we believe, in good faith, that we are required or permitted to disclose it under law. For example, if we receive a legal order that requires us to assist law enforcement, or if we are resolving a customer dispute. If there are any changes in management, ownership, or if the company is sold. You will be notified that we are sold, merged, dissolved, acquired or our ownership is significantly changed. You will be notified of these changes via email and/or a prominent notice on our site.

Anonymous Information does not disclose your identity or sensitive information. We may share this information with third parties to develop business strategies and build partnerships that enhance our site and services.


We use industry-leading, soundly tested technology and protocols to keep your Personally Identifiable Information safe, and we comply with HIPAA security requirements. Unfortunately, no system is 100% full proof. When sharing your information, please take precautions–use security software, keep your software up to date, and be web wise. Our site is intended for a U.S. audience only and our Privacy Policy is designed to comply with U.S. law. From time to time, we may update this Privacy Policy. We will post the new date at the bottom of this Policy and the changes will become effective when posted. By using our site, you are signaling that you accept our Privacy Policy. Please also see our Terms of Use Our site is not intended for, nor directed to, individuals under 18 years of age. If you believe that a child has provided information to us, please contact us.

By providing your contact information you are agreeing to be contacted by a state licensed advisor by mail, phone, text or email to discuss Health Insurance Plans, Dental Insurance Plans, Association Plans, Prescription drug Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, Property & Casualty Insurance and any other products or services we may offer even if you are on the National Do Not Call Registry. You also agree that we may contact you via a pre-recorded message to verify your interest. Neither Personal Health Quotes nor its advisors are connected with either the Federal Medicare Program or Healthcare.gov.